Food + Drink

Options abound for food and beverage. Our crew can help guide you through the decision making process. We regularly change our menu to utilise the freshest and best ingredients available at the time. There are multiple bars on each vessel, stocked with a full range of beverages.

Our menu contains options to accommodate many food allergens and intolerances. All food items are prepared in the same kitchen, and whilst all reasonable efforts are taken to accommodate dietary needs, we cannot guarantee our food will be 100% allergen-free.

We are unable to cater for severe allergies, coeliac or Kosher due to the nature of our galley operations. Please inform us of any dietary requirements that you may have.

Our menu options consist of:

Meet & Eat
Choose three canapés. Great for ‘A to B’ transfers of about 30 minutes.

Fork & Talk
Suitable for two hour chartered cruises. You can choose five canapés with this option.

Cruising Cuisine
A substantial standing dinner for two to three hour chartered cruises. Consisting of five canapés, plus a specialty cheese or sweeties platter for every ten guests on board.